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Storing Fiber At Texas Handwoven Creations


Instructions for packaging:

Please call us BEFORE sending or delivering your fiber to ensure we have space available. Please understand that if you do not make storage arrangements with us prior to sending your fiber, we may have to send it back to you (at your expense) or refuse delivery, if we do not have enough room.

Place prepared fleece in plastic bag(s) and remove all air possible from the bag before placing in box(es). Fill out and place the completed copy of the form located at Sender Details  inside EACH box in the event they separate in transport. Number each box on the outside for easy accountability (i.e. 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc.)
It is up to the customer to find the best method of shipping. We routinely receive packages from UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Ship to:

When sending through the USPS:        P.O. Box 115, Hwy 83, Paint Rock, TX 76866

If using UPS or FedEx:                        141 S. Roberts, Hwy 83, Paint Rock, TX 76866

Storage Information and Fees:

-- A warehousing fee based on the weight of fiber being stored will be assessed. The chart below provides a breakdown of this fee.

-- The warehousing fee will not be assessed if an order is placed within one (1) week of sending or delivering the fiber needed to fulfill the order. For instance, if you send us 100 lbs of fiber and within one week of us receiving the fiber you place an order to use all of it, you will not be charged warehousing fees for the time it takes us to complete your order.

Weight of fiber (lbs)

Monthly fee

up to 100 lbs


101 to 500 lbs


501 to 1000 lbs


Over 1000 lbs

Call for pricing

-- Fiber will be considered abandonded if no order is placed after one (1) full year of storage.

Contact Renee Farmer at (325)732-4370 or paintrockrugs@gmail.com



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