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******************** NEW INFORMATION *******************

-- Please contact us BEFORE sending or delivering your fiber if it is more than 75 lbs to ensure we have the room to store the fiber. If your overall fiber weight is less than this amount there is no need to contact us.

-- Please understand that if you do not make storage arrangements with us prior to sending your fiber and it exceeds the above weight limit, we may have to refuse delivery if we do not have enough room. Also, refer to Storage Fees

-- Orders are expected to be placed as soon as possible after fiber is delivered to us.

Instructions for the Customer: Packaging and Shipping:

-- Place prepared fleece in plastic bag(s) and remove all air possible from the bag before placing in box(es).

-- Fill out and place the completed copy of the form located at Sender Details inside EACH box in the event they separate in transport.

-- Number each box on the outside for easy accountability (i.e. 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc.)

-- If this is the first time you're sending us fiber, you must also fill out and sign the Terms and Conditions form located at Terms and Conditions

-- Putting the fiber in a vacuum bag or packing it tightly in large bags may help to reduce volume during shipping. However, if you send large, fully packed peanut bags please understand that once we open the bag the fiber expands considerably taking up more storage space, employee time, and resources. This may result in extra costs if it requires extra time of an employee to repackage the fiber in the bag or extra boxes. Of course if this happens we will label the box(es) accordingly.

-- It is up to the customer to find the best method of shipping. We routinely receive packages from UPS, FedEx, and USPS. We will arrange return shipping of your product and notify you of your final costs, which will include: product cost, shipping and handling fees.

Ship to:

When sending through the USPS:         P.O. Box 115, Paint Rock, TX 76866

If using UPS or FedEx:                          141 S. Roberts, Hwy 83, Paint Rock, TX 76866

General Shipping Information:

- Packages up to eight (8) feet in length will be shipped by UPS Ground unless otherwise instructed.

- Packages nine (9) feet long will be shipped by FedEx Ground.

- Packages OVER nine (9) feet can only be shipped by Freight

- We will obtain 2 or 3 quotes from different freight carriers.

- It may be to the customer's advantage to also check rates once dimensions and weight are provided.

Contact Renee at (325)732-4370 or paintrockrugs@gmail.com .



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