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As of January 1, 2018, we can no longer process "YARN ONLY" orders. A companion order for a finished product must be included.  Please contact us for details regarding percentages.

Orders for finished woven goods should be calculated using the size chart and information presented below to estimate the amount of fiber that would be required.


Approximate pounds of fiber needed.    Custom widths available at extra cost.

Rug Size *

Pounds of Fiber

Square Feet

2 ft x 3 ft



3 ft x 5 ft



4 ft x 4 ft



4 ft x 6 ft



6 ft x 9 ft



8 ft x 10 ft



9 ft x 12 ft



10 ft x 12 ft



12 ft x 14 ft



13" x 17"
9 oz 1.5
Saddle Blankets
34" x 36"
3.75 lbs 8.5

A minimum of 5 lbs is required to place an order.

Before proceeding: If this is the first time that you're sending us fiber, please read and sign our Terms and Conditions . Include a copy of the signed document in one of your fiber containers. You can also email the completed form to us at: paintrockrugs@gmail.com


A 50% deposit is required for orders in excess of 40 lbs (approx. 100 sq. ft).   To calculate the amount: multiply the number of pounds by 2.66. Then multiply by either $10 (standard rug) or $12 (custom rug) Next; divide the product by 2.

(Example: 40 lbs x 2.66 = 106.4 x $10 = $1064 / 2 = $532)

You can either send a personal check for the deposit in one of your boxes...please place the check in an envelope first...or you can mail it to:

Texas Handwoven Creations
P.O. Box 115
Paint Rock, TX 76866

Make check payable to: Texas Handwoven Creations

Keep in mind that this is just an approximate calculation. It does not include any extra costs or fees which will be added to your order after completion.

Orders outside the 'standard' width listed above are subject to an extra 5% charge to cover material loss resulting from customizing the loom(s) to a non-standard size.

Our rugs are handwoven, each will be unique and may contain some variation in color, length, width, and/or construction. These variations are to be expected for various reasons and are part of the beauty and uniqueness of your purchase.

Unless there is a gross difference in the specified measurements and/or color scheme, we will not redo your product.

As a general rule, you should be able to estimate the amount of fiber needed by referring to the chart at the top of this page.

The more contrast there is between the colors, the better the pattern will show up on the base color.

If you design your own rug pattern you must ensure that you have sent us the needed amount and color(s) of fleece in order to create the rug.

Examples of extra costs for special effects which applies to Standard, Custom, and Special order categories below:

- Gradient colors producing an overall fading effect - $1.50/square foot.

- Overlay texture or colors - $1.50/square foot.

- Twisted pair stripes throughout rug. - $1.50/square foot

- Rag rug design - $4.50 /square foot

- Some dyed colored yarns from store stock are available for accents and stripes. - $1.00/ linear foot

- Some fleece colors from store stock are available in small quantity, if needed for contrast - $1.00/ linear foot

Note: We are open to any ideas you may have. Please contact us for pricing and details.

Standard Rugs = $10.00/square foot

We have a fairly wide selection of 'standard' patterns to choose from. Please see the 'Rug Patterns' page. Rugs are referenced by the letter denoted on each rug.

Custom Rugs = $12.00/square foot (Minimum)

Any rug pattern, size, or width that is not shown on the "Rug Patterns" page is considered to be a 'Custom' rug order.

We reserve the right to decline any Custom order that we feel is beyond our weaver's ability and/or equipment limitations. For example: we do not have the equipment to make plaid rugs.

If you design your own rug pattern you must ensure that you've sent us the needed amount and color(s) of fiber in order to create your rug.

The price per square foot may vary depending on the complexity of the pattern.

Special Order (No Fiber Owned) Rugs = $16.00/square foot

Please view available pattern selections on "Rugs" and "More Rugs" pages.

Reference the "size chart" above for available sizes.

Contact us for stock fleece colors that we have available.

Plesae download our new Rug Order Form to place your order.

Window .docx file: Rug Order Form.docx or

PDF file: Rug Order Form.pdf

After completing the form you should place a copy in one of your fiber containers. You can also email the completed form to us at: paintrockrugs@gmail.com


We will attempt to contact you after we've completed your order to settle payment and arrange shipping.

If we are unable to contact you by phone and email after several attempts, we will send a certified letter. If you do not contact us within one (1) week from the date of this letter, we will place your order in storage and charge a 2% daily fee based on the value of your order until it is shipped. Please note: You will also be charged the cost for the certified letter.

We have limited space so it is our goal to ship finished orders as quickly as possible.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer for any reason. We will only invoke this right if we have experienced what we consider to be excessive difficulties with a customer or due to difficulties with collecting payment.


-- See Pricing Information above for required deposit amount.

-- Full payment is expected upon completion of your order.

-- Your product WILL NOT be shipped until we receive payment in full. We will notify you of your remaining costs after your order is completed.

-- If you qualify for a Texas RESALE Tax Exemption, please download the from here: Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate.

-- We accept debit/credit card, personal/bank check, or money order. Make check or money order payable to: Texas Handwoven Creations.

 Note: Personal checks must clear and funds deposited before the product will be shipped. This may take up to 5 days. There is a $35 fee for non-sufficient funds.


If cared for properly, your product should give you many years of enjoyment. Vacuum your rug with a smooth surface attachment frequently.

Robotic vacuums will attack and rip-out the fringe.

Spot clean with warm water and mild soap.

The entire surface may be shampooed with a Woolite rug cleaner or gentle soap; however, some shrinkage should be expected when using water on the entire surface.

For your safety, a quality foam underpad is recommended to prevent the rug slipping on smooth surface floors.

Remember: your product is reversible!

Contact Renee at (325)732-4370 or paintrockrugs@gmail.com .


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